Essential hints, tips and information

mega-dongle-modelIf you are buying or selling your dongle you are in the right place. Also if you want to know how to care for your mega dongle this is the exact right spot that all your dreams, wishes and awkward questions will be answered.

Whether you are a first time owner or a seasoned veteran this site will tell you all you need to know and more.

Getting Started With Your Dongle

First up you will need to know how to buy your mega dongle. There are a lot of tricks and traps with purchasing a mega dongle so it pays to be informed.

Dongle Care starts at Home

Next you will need to know how to care for your dongle. Even though the label may say ‘easy care, clean on a cold wash setting’ you will need extra facts if you are to enjoy your Mega Dongle ownership for the long term.

Modding Your Mega Dongle

Most Dongle owners like to modify a dongle to their own personal tastes. You’ll find lots of information here about the latest mods and styles. Don’t be fooled, not all Dongle mods are the same. We’ll tell you the good ones.

Trade Your Mega Dongle

After a few years you might choose to part ways with your current mega dongle and trade up to a new one. Well we have you covered there too. We will help you find somewhere to sell your dongle at the best price possible.

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“If it doesn’t ding when you dongle, then you need a bigger dongle to ding”