When you buy your new Mega Dongle, you will need to lay down a foundation of trust with your neighbours. A Dongle plonked right in their midst with no warning may cause alarm, but if properly acclimatised the new dongle should present no problem. In this post you’ll find out how to get your neighbours on-side without having to get planning permission.


A new dongle can be dangerous if it is not properly broken in. You need to make sure that if the worst comes to the worst and your dongle spins out of control, that your nearest and dearest have been well catered for. Most dongle contracts stipulate a portion of your estate be assigned to their their trust account upon signing a 5 year contract.


When you first bring your dongle home you should make sure that all members of family are safely tucked away in a very safe place. While mega dongles are generally family friendly rogue ones pop up from time to time and must be captured at first sign of rebellion. Do not allow small children to play unnattended around a new mega dongle. Instead pop them in the concret bunker and wait to see what your dongle does.